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Doll 5


DOLL (5/6)
Mihara Mitsukazu

Lists 25-30

After the amazing stories DOLL had in the previous volume compared to this one Volume 5 is definitely a huge let down.

The stories contained in this volume are lukewarm.. I didn’t really care for most of the stories. There is one standout though, which I wished was included in the 4th volume. Its about a remote village with a population of few elderly people. Someone is trying to threaten their area as to urbanized it as it isn’t seem that important anymore. One of the village woman finds a discarded Doll and that becomes their hope to get their village to prosper once more.

Nothing much to say. But I am looking forward to the last volume.. I’d like to see how things would wrap itself especially to the continuing story.


Doll 4


DOLL (4/6)
Mihara Mitsukazu

Lists 19-24

I have a love and hate relationship with this series. It’s a good thing that its an episodic series that it allows you to just forget about the terrible chapters hence volumes.

Just when I gave up hope for this series, volume 4 delivered an outstanding set of stories. I love this volume and its the BEST one yet, much better than the first one and that is saying something!

Seriously after the last sickening volume I was dubious to pick up the next book, thankfully the series redeemed its amazingness. The quality of the stories this time around are all meaningful. Some are bittersweet while others are sympathetic and all has a message of hope and happiness. Its stories like this that fills the reader a sort of contentment and makes us appreciate the beauty of life. Its just a different tone and atmosphere, this volume..

As I said the stories contained in this volume are all great. I pretty much liked all of them, all are a standout. My favourite one is the story about the old man that deals with dolls that needs disposing off. He basically kills them by crushing but before that he could extract and see the memory of the life it lead. Its very touching, its one that stood out the most and the ending just had me stupefied for a moment.

I highly recommend this volume alone as you don’t have to read the former volumes. Well volume 1 is worth checking but this particular volume deserves to be read. There is an ongoing continuity of a certain story but then again you won’t get lost by not having read the last volumes. Its only the story about one particular guy who illegaly remodels broken dolls (or unwanted dolls).

I want to read the next volume! Crossing my fingers that the next one is as good collection of stories as this one. Its terrific and it makes up for the utterly disgusting last volume. So yeah Doll you got me hooked big time, please don’t ever stray and diverge into the dark side of human story again.

I doubt it though, I think the author is definitely going to tackle some disturbing theme latter on as she is trying to explore the different side of humanity. But nonetheless if Mihara Mitsukazu incorporates such stories presented in this volume I am more than happy read them; stories about treasuring life and finding true happiness. Its just gives you a sense of appreciation of life.



DOLL (3/6)
Mihara Mitsukazu

Lists 13-18

What started as a light look at the life and the relations of humanized dolls with human become as disturbing tales of twisted desires and psychological negativities of mankind.

This volume of Doll is terrible. The common theme of the 6 stories this time around are of sexual need, desire and obsession of human. Its definitely sickening. I fail to see the messages the series is trying to point out. Sure it is somewhat a take of human psychological inadequacy but then its horrifyingly corruptive of mind.

I don’t know what to make of this, I applaud the author for tackling some of the most controversial themes regarding the dark mentality side of a person’s mind. Its brutally honest and the subtle hints at the end of each tale is as abhorently disturbing.

If you’re looking for some fluff, heart warming stories you won’t find it in this series. But if you are into disturbing, violent-abusive sexual fetishes with twisted morale then this is perfect. That is the last thing I look for in a series, I might as well read hentai at least that in itself has consensual sex.

Uggh seriously way to make a controversial series. I don’t know if I can continue on but heck I have 2 more volume in hand so might as well. Can’t I just get one happy fluffy stories without involving some outlandish shit?

Oh and the series tries to emphasize that these android dolls doesn’t have emotion, its as if I’m reading some kind of a fetish if you incorporates sexual themes. But then I think its just an excuse to show the animalistic and dibility of the human mind. Shame.