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From Far Away 3


From Far Away (3/14)
Hikawa Kyouko
Viz Media

As I hoped for, I am liking this series more and more with each volumes. For a brief moment, the volumes starts off abit of disjointed but its just the way of the story-telling. At first, it seems just a story of a random happenstance through their journey but its establishing its point.

Volume 3 is where the plot starts to thicken. A handful of characters are introduced all at the same time. Its very hard to grasp what is happening with its political informations. I tend to not care for the King, duke – hierarchy matter – as I often get lost with this kind of information.. Hopefully I’ll eventually get use to it but as of now its hard to follow what is happening.. All I know is that the series is picking up its momentum.

I like that Izark and Noriko had to part for the time being and has their own adventures. Even when they are apart, a mysterious connection bonds them together. Its just great seeing them both long for each other. Izark is starting to develop his feelings for Noriko but then again he’s only worried about her. I find it very amusing how Noriko tries very hard to learn their native tongue. It provides some cheesy albeit sweet moments.

I seriously forgot about the character from the first volume who has a seer child. He will play an important role to the later part. I definitely won’t mind if he becomes the rival for Izark. Its just wishful thinking of love triangle. Lol, Blame the romance junkiness in me.

I find it annoying that 1/4 of the volume of the series consists of a bonus story. Its not that memorable as well. It was ok but uninteresting..

Although there is some parts of the series where I feel that its more of a fantasy/adventure geard towards younger teens.. I don’t know it feels a tiny bit childish, just brief instances though..

I nitpick too much.. First its the dialog, now its the feeling of childishness with its storyline. But yeah I could be a tough reader to please sometimes. XD

Oh and before I forgot I like that some people in the story possesses supernatural abilities. I wish it gets to explore more and that more characters plays an important role that has powers. Alliances and enemies alike are starting to form and its fun seeing how things will unfold. And for the record, I have a feeling about Izark’s identity.. I could be wrong though but its fun having to hypothesize..




DOLL (3/6)
Mihara Mitsukazu

Lists 13-18

What started as a light look at the life and the relations of humanized dolls with human become as disturbing tales of twisted desires and psychological negativities of mankind.

This volume of Doll is terrible. The common theme of the 6 stories this time around are of sexual need, desire and obsession of human. Its definitely sickening. I fail to see the messages the series is trying to point out. Sure it is somewhat a take of human psychological inadequacy but then its horrifyingly corruptive of mind.

I don’t know what to make of this, I applaud the author for tackling some of the most controversial themes regarding the dark mentality side of a person’s mind. Its brutally honest and the subtle hints at the end of each tale is as abhorently disturbing.

If you’re looking for some fluff, heart warming stories you won’t find it in this series. But if you are into disturbing, violent-abusive sexual fetishes with twisted morale then this is perfect. That is the last thing I look for in a series, I might as well read hentai at least that in itself has consensual sex.

Uggh seriously way to make a controversial series. I don’t know if I can continue on but heck I have 2 more volume in hand so might as well. Can’t I just get one happy fluffy stories without involving some outlandish shit?

Oh and the series tries to emphasize that these android dolls doesn’t have emotion, its as if I’m reading some kind of a fetish if you incorporates sexual themes. But then I think its just an excuse to show the animalistic and dibility of the human mind. Shame.

Crimson Hero 3


Crimson Hero (3/20)
Takanashi Mitsuba
Viz Media – Shojo Beat

Sets 9-12

As expected Tomoyo joins in the team and finally Nobara establishes the girls Volleyball team. This particular volume shows how shojo-ish this series is. It gets so angsty with the immediate club obstacles such as court space, uniform and club fees, et cetera. Nobara got caught up with having the team that she fails to notice the feelings of her team members. It got so overwhelming for her when Rena became unconsciouss because of the pressure of rigorous training. So she had a minor break down and self realization in a shojo-ish way. Nobara is kind of a crybaby this volume around but she still is as strong willed as ever.

Subsequently to the club obstacles Nobara faces difficulty in regards to money as well as family matters. It’s just one problem after another. It’s hard enough for me to keep my interest to the volleyball aspect of this series that the displays of constant struggles almost got me unhinged off the series.

I don’t know if I’d like to continue on with this series. There is nothing that keeps me interested. I like to see how things would play out in regards to budding feelings of Nobara towards Yashin and the possibility of rivalry between him and Haibuki. Nobara had open up to Yashin and definitely the two is becoming more closer. Haibuki on the other hand is still as detach as ever though he hasn’t been shown alot this volume. Although he’s rather blunt when he sees Yashin & Nobara together. He ask her frankly if she like Yashin. He seem to have a weird kind of liking towards Nobara. Its rather strange that he mentioned she need to be the only number 1 in everything. Even his childhood memories comes off as obsession rather than expression of love.

Its becoming more and more of a cliche series although seeing the other team member come about try their best to compete and get the team together is one of the good point of the series.

The ending is somewhat interesting as I want Tomoyo to beat the heck out of that cocky under-classman of hers. Just because she got chosen as a replacement for Tomoyo she acts so damn arrogant. I want to see Tomoyo crush that girl but as I said this series doesn’t have much of the things going on for my liking. I don’t know if I’ll continue on.

Its a series to read when you have no other option rather than reading it because its so damn addicting or great.